Mascia was born in 1975 in an artistic and creative atmosphere. After having attended the Illustration and Comics school, she devoted herself to painting.

Afterwards, she threw herself into the universe of piercings. Fascinated by it, she started to study anatomy and she got the piercer licence.

From that moment on, she started a long professional journey that took her to some famous studios in Milan where, holding for the first time a machine, she understood that she wanted to deepen her love for tattoos.

After a stay in Barcellona and Los Angeles, she went back in 2010 with a much stronger experience and she completely immersed herself in the art of tattoing, trying out different styles.

Mascia draws inspiration from the big artists of the New Traditional, a style characterized by a geometric vein.

When she isn’t tattooing, she takes her fishing rod and she relaxes by the riverside.



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